DeSean Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder, The DeSean Jackson Foundation

DeSean Jackson Foundation 

With this initiative, our goal is to promote athletic opportunities for children in need all over the globe. Easy access to equipment and facilities for the youth around the world can empower them with the ability to pursue their dreams, and develop a fun and healthy hobby that improves the quality of their lives.

Gayle Jackson, President and Co-Founder, The DeSean Jackson Foundation

“DeSean gives back because my son believes, in his heart, that the reason he’s blessed is to be a blessing; and, DeSean also believes he is responsible for preserving his father Bill’s vision and instilled values to never forget where you came from and those left behind; and, sometimes that works to his detriment; but, he is indeed his father’s son.”

“That’s what the DeSean Jackson Foundation is about: Mentoring, empowering and building confidence in these young kids,” Gayle Jackson said. “To me, that can change a person’s life; and, that’s is what DeSean Jackson, the Philadelphia Eagles’ All-Pro wide receiver, has continued to do throughout his 12 years in the NFL.”

Gayle Jackson

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